Update: 19.2

Last week: I printed new prints of the ruins at Fort Lancaster. I spent time with books, and I sat down and illustrated with pen and ink.

This week: I need to print and add archive. I need to finish a book review.

Blockers: I need to order archival sleeves for photographic films, and I am waiting on boxes so that I can mail finished prints.

Update: 19.1

Last week: I archived sixty items. I scanned images for the archive. I printed a 16x20 of the suspension bridge at Regency.

This week: I have a book review to finish. I want to begin an inventory list for the equipment. I want to archive more items, and I want to make new 16x20 prints.

Blockers: none

Update: 18.1

Last week: I enlarged four 16x20 prints of Santa Elena Canyon, launched the image archive on Omeka and added blotting paper to the drying steps. I also drafted a book review for Turbines and Tumbleweeds.

This week: I will polish the book review and prep the darkroom to print. I will archive negs and upload items to the online archive.

Blockers: I need ore Dektol developer and stop bath—running low.