Artisan Art Walk

ODESSA, TX – Art raises the quality of life. I attended the inaugural Artisan Art Walk on Saturday to see what was going on in studio arts in the Permian Basin. The show featured artworks from area artists, including members of Midland Arts Association and Odessa Arta Association. I learned that Sibley Nature Center has a camera club that meets every first Saturday. I had a great time. Visit Artisan Art Walk for more information.

Travel back in time on the San Antonio-El Paso Road

FORT DAVIS, TX – Discover a forgotten road. San Antonio-El Paso Road, also known as Lower Emigrant Road or Military Road, spreads 600 miles over West Texas. Planned by the army in 1849, it allowed wagons and settlers to trek over the Edwards Plateau and Trans-Pecos regions. It served as a mail route to San Diego and ended when railroads became the primary mode of transportation in 1882.

The road beckons. Today it lets tourists imagine the past while pondering the present by linking historical sites: Casa Navarro, Landmark Inn, Fort Lancaster, Fort Davis, and Magoffin Home. Visit


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A Sanborn map gets digitized

NAVASOTA, TX – When Two Rivers Heritage Foundation approached and asked if we could digitize a Sanborn fire insurance map, I agreed. We photographed each 20″x24″ page and made a PDF. Special thanks to Miller Insurance Agency for sharing this fantastic piece of Navasota history.